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GMAT Coaching Classes in Gurgaon

Top GMAT coaching institue in Gurgaon

The training at Ace Campus for Gmat at Gurgaon is done rigorously on the following basis. You are suppose to follow the modus operandi which all intelligent people follow, that is contacting the admission department of the particular college you are eyeing and proceed accordingly.

A set of full length tests are available at many sites such as ETS website (GRE) and set of two tests of GMAT at www.mba.com. You can avail soe paid tests too before going to the real time test.

GMAT test preparation in Gurgaon

GMAT Sections

Each section of the GMAT contains specific types of questions. You will be given three options for the order in which you wish to take the four sections.

AWA Section:

This section requires an analysis and critique of the reasoning behind a specific argument that is provided. It measures critical thinking skills and your ability to communicate those in writing.

IR Section:

This section measures your ability to integrate data to solve complex problems. All parts of each question must be answered correctly in order to gain a correct score.

• Graphics Interpretation questions present a graphical image and ask you to choose correct statements about the graph.

• Two-Part Analysis questions require you to select an answer in each of two columns that will result in a two-part solution.

• Table Analysis questions involve interpreting data from a table to determine which of the given statements are true or false.

• Multi-Source Reasoning questions require you to sort through multiple sources to find the data needed to answer the question.

Quant Section:

This section attempts to test your content knowledge of essential math skills and measures how well you analyze data and use reasoning to draw conclusions.

• Data Sufficiency questions typically consist of a question and two statements of data, and you must decide if those statements provide enough data to answer the question.

• Problem Solving questions require knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Verbal Section:

This section measures skills beyond the mathematics. You will be tested on your ability to comprehend, evaluate, and correct the written word

• Reading Comprehension questions evaluate how well you understand, analyze, and apply information and concepts based on reading a text.

• Critical Reasoning questions involve using reasoning skills to formulate and evaluate arguments and plans of action.

• Sentence Correction questions require you to determine which version of five possible sentences is the most grammatically correct.

GMAT Length

On the day of the exam, you are given just over 3 hours, not including breaks to complete the four sections of the exam:

• AWA: 30 minutes to write an essay on one topic.

• IR section: 30 minutes to answer 12 questions.

• Quant Section: 62 minutes to complete 31 questions.

• Verbal Section: 65 minutes to answer 36 questions

As of April 16, 2018, the GMAT is half an hour shorter than it was previously. The Quantitative and Verbal sections have fewer questions, so the amount of time per question hasn’t changed, only the total exam time. GMAC, the producer and distributor of the GMAT, has promised to update the practice tests available on their website no later than April 30, 2018.

GMAT Coaching Classes in Gurgaon

Looking at the details of the exams you might get confused over what you are good at, leave it to us and our team will show you the right path that you should take. At ACE CAMPUS - GMAT Coaching institue in Gurgaon your topics can be cleared in flying colors that enable you to get most coveted seat in top Business school as well as with a good amount of scholarships if possible

You can end your search here with undisputed leaders of GMAT Coaching at ACECampus. The campus established in Gurgaon/Gurugram offers a great platform for the preparation of GMAT under the mentorship of expert faculty. The experienced mentors with simplified teaching methodology help students to bring maximum results with minimum efforts. With the series of mock tests and exam day environment students are fully trained for scoring good grades. So think no more. Prepare GMAT with the best. Prepare with ACECampus.

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